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1) OUR MISSION STATEMENT- To help investors LEARN & UNDERSTAND ways to pursue the OBJECTIVES of Growth Income and Speculation. We spot OPPORTUNITIES in the markets and SHARE them with subscribers & UPDATE the markets.

2) WE EXPLAIN WAYS TO REDUCE RISK IN YOUR PORTFOLIO-While many newsletters and services are really nothing more than hot tip peddlers; we explain ways that as the market hits PEAKS & VALLEYS, there are tactics that STABILIZE your portfolio.

3) EASY TO UNDERSTAND-TECHNICAL & FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS-We use a variety of TIME -TESTED DATA to help us reach our CONCLUSIONS and help us identify WARNINGS that can precede MAJOR BUYING or SELLING Opportunities.

4) 100% INDEPENDENT & OBJECTIVE OPINIONS & OBSERVATIONS-Our CONTENT PROVIDER has many DECADES of EXPERIENCE in the markets & educating investors on the USES & RISKS that you won’t find with advisors & other newsletter writers


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