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August 5 2023


We Invite YOU to hear OUR approach to ZERO DTE & Weekly Options. Email [email protected]

OK Let’s start by stating the FACT that ZERO DTE and Weekly Options are RISKY & HIGHLY SPECULATIVE.

CONSULT YOUR BROKERAGE FIRM to determine Your Own RISK TOLERANCE & SUITABILITY. We are sharing our views and opinions on trading. We are not recommending this type trading. It is NOT advice.

As in any trading, there are USES & RISKs to Zero DTE and Weekly options. From the BUY side, we like the LIMITED RISK & LEVERAGE aspects and the potential for high returns. We also know Options Can EXPIRE worthless creating 100% LOSS. For speculative capital and suitable investors, this creates opportunities.

The KEY is TIMING. Here is where we believe our methods add value. EXAMPLE On Friday AMZN GAPPED up OVER 10% from about $129 to 143.63 on great EARNINGS news (about a $10 GAP!). We turned to OUR 1 day graph with OUR indicators. Why? Simple. When a market gaps up or down, there is a potential the market makers are setting prices EXCESSIVELY to take in the ORDER IMBALANCE feeling that when the orders are filled the market will REVERSE to the MEAN. This is when OPPORTUNITY may be knocking to FADE the price action. We look to the ZERO DTE options and OUR Indicators to see how to play it.

On OUR 1-day chart, AMZN hit $143 with an RSI 82. It dipped and made 2 runs toward the highs BUT RSI was fading 75 and 70. AMZN was LOSING MOMENTUM and was at risk of REVERTING to the MEAN. The Aug 4 expiring 143 PUTS traded for .58 or 58 bucks. We took our shot on the buy side. Later in the day, AMZN DECLINED UNDER our Moving Averages which were INVERTED to the DOWNSIDE at $142.80 which CONFIRMED the direction for us AND gave us price points to cut and run. At $140, $143 P =$300 Should a trader speculated on 10 contracts at $58 per = $580, the trader’s speculation grew to $3000.

This is one EXAMPLE and NOT all trades will be profitable. We believe OUR Indicators help with TIMING.

We use WEEKLY OPTIONS to speculate on price swings for a number of days using longer term charts.

ALSO, some traders need information on HOW to SELECT striking prices AND rolling & spreading trades.

The Option Professor Can Help You LEARN. We have NO Annual Fees! NO Monthly Fees! Check it out!

How to Get Started. Easy. EMAIL US Your Contact Information/Questions to [email protected]

Maybe you tried Expensive Newsletters, Chat Rooms & Services. How about trying a Smart & Fair Way?

It’s not right for everyone BUT find out if it’s right for you in your speculative asset bucket.


The Option Professor

REMEMBER All investing involves risk of loss and it is not right for everyone. CONSULT YOUR BROKERAGE FIRM to determine your own suitability and risk tolerance. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Information and opinions are provided for informational purposes only It is NOT advice

Jim Kenney

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