Stock Market- Pain & A Hard Landing? Do You Really Want to Fight the Fed- Read Our Views!

September 17 2022 Option Professor Inc Opinions & Observations

Hello Everyone…We’re on our way to a week long holiday and most of what we have been saying has come to pass. Why more of you are not contacting us to glean our insight is an unsolved mystery?????

For a LONG time we have been telling investors in STOCKS about HEDGING downside risk and upside spikes. Has that been a bad idea??? For a LONG time we been telling investors who are in BONDS that a 0-24 Treasury ladder gives good INCOME and low duration risk. Has that been a bad idea?? For a long time we have warned investors that the run up in COMMODITIES in 2022 may be a top. Hs that been a bad idea??? For a long time we have told investors that the DOLLAR would be strong due to our yield advantage and strong economy. Has that been a bad idea??? For a long time we have told investors to NOT FIGHT THE FED in that their goal is lower inflation and slower growth & spending which at some point can mean lower earnings & tighter P/E ratios. Has that been a bad idea? Who’s views are better??

The truth is no NEWLETTER or FORECASTER will tell you to go to short term Treasury Bills and wait this tightening cycle out. Every time we get a bear market rally they can return to the old mantra of if you get out you’ll never get back in. Truth be told after the RIDICULOUS expansion of money and credit there is a better than even chance that 1962-1982 may repeat itself and the indexes may go net nowhere for a long time as we work off the hangover of zero interest rates which were a joke & has now been found out.

No doubt; still plenty of opportunities to be had but the game of shooting fish in a barrel is long gone!

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