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January 15 2022 – Option Professor – Opinions & Observation


This week we got a big test of the support zones we told you about (SPX 4560-4580 area) and we held and was well off those levels at the close. The VIX which we told you was way too low at 14-16 spiked to close to 24 only to fall back but so far has not made a new high. The main problems are the inflation rates (7%+)…..omicron (cancelled flights & port issues) and retail sales going into the tank (-1.9% & -8&+ online & -&% dept stores) while consumer confidence wanes having said that many of the positions have been doing absolutely fine in the Option Professor Model Portfolio!

Last year; we gave you great ways to get INCOME—-VWLUX FFRHX VWEAX ect PLUS ways to get GROWTH like SPYD DGRO SPYG XLK XLF XLE and many more PLUS way to participate INTERNATIONAL which are coming on this year big time VGK EUFN VWO EWW and finally we said beware of Crypto (GBTC ETHE) but take your shot at NEM at 52/4% Div. All the Energy shares (DVN SLB HAL) have been great and continue to be great. We’ve got new ideas coming soon!

We suggest you skip a lunch out this week ($49 bucks) and go to the links below and INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE

Jim Kenney

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