Stocks- Big Week Ahead-BUT What Happens After Q2 Earnings? Boom-Bust Aug. Must Read!

July 23 2022 Option Professor Observations & Opinions

We just came off a wild week where the SPX was up 2x more than where it closed on Friday. Earnings first told us that while misses on revenue & Margins could be overlooked for growth (TSLA) BUT missing on ad sales & guidance was unforgivable (SNAP). The news this week is kind of all over the place with the ECB hiking for the first time since 2011 (50 basis points) to a grain deal from Ukraine and Russia albeit thru that trustworthy country Turkey:):). Aggregate demand in the world has pushed past the breaking point so inflation is here to stay. The money supply has come to an abrupt has and the Fed run off the balance sheet is getting its boat legs. The S&P came out with a report that the Services sector contracted to 47 (slowdown) BUT so far XLY (consumer discretionary has been fairly stable) which means investors think it’s not as reliable as ISM numbers or all hell will break lose next week. Speaking of NEXT WEEK; we have big tech AAPL AMZN GOOGL MSFT META all coming out with earnings (and a HUGE number of more companies) BUT the big boys will shed light on how the Dollar, Enterprise Spending, and dodgy Ad Spending will affect multinational & ad supported tech businesses state their present & guide the future.

We told you our position was that BONDS topped in 2020, STOCKS topped in 2021 and COMMODITIES top may be in 2022 (Goldman Sachs Commodity Index DIVED from the 800’s to the 600’s-Looks Good! NEXT UP from the OPTION PROFESSOR….A TOP in the US Dollar that may start to develop-We’re On It!

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