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Oct 1 2022 Option Professor Observations & Opinions

We went on a wonderful holiday during Fed Hiking Week to South & Central America as to us it was obvious that the trends are down, the Fed is NOT kidding around and catching falling knives gets bloody.

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LAST YEAR; we spoke of VALUATION having to come down as interest rates RISING will CONTRACT valuations ( which means stock prices drop. We said the DOLLAR wold RISE as our rates and economy blows away the rest and this would hurt MULTINATIONALS ( see AAPL NKE SBUX lately?) We have also explained ROLLING a 0-24 month TREASURY ladder since 2020 March (top of Bond prices) would be a good place to have relative stable principal (shorter duration) and a INCREASE in your yield (now 4.2%) backed by the USA. We have said that IF you must be in stocks the GROWTH to VALUE Ration we follow gave a SWITCH to VALUE (staples-utils ect) in NOV 2021 and a SWITCH to GROWTH in MAY 2022 and in AUGUST 2022 SWITCH back to VALUE. To date; these have been accurate assessments.

We also said to STAY AWAY from Gold unless it could sustain ABOVE $1850-$1900 which again has been accurate. We said that Crude Oil $131 was way overbought and so were ENERGY stocks & we saw a BIG DROP in shares & oil into the 70’s recently. RIGHT NOW- Oil is a crowded trade and i in a trading range of 92-65 in our view. A move ABOVE 82-92-100 (closed at 78+) needed to turn the ship which could happen BUT if we fail this stampede into energy stocks may look like the stampede into AAPL above 175. ENERGY & AGRICULTURE are being touted as the place to hide out-did we see their high points already?

There is Chaos in Global Markets (BOE flinches, Global Inflation & Central Banks Hikes, Currency & Germany Energy War-Ukraine. Central Banks are making it up as they go along which has led to BAD liquidity in financial markets and the money supply tanking an QT ain’t helping. Do we FALL into the abyss with SPX under 3800 or do we get a RALLY as the Dollar corrects & Treasury yields back off? NOV-DEC???

What Markets are YOU interested in? How’s Information YOU got this year working? How old are YOU?

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Jim Kenney

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