January 7 2023 Option Professor Opinions & Observations

In 2023; We’re extending an INVITATION to our readers that we believe can be of ADDED VALUE to you! We believe we’ve provided solid opinion on Stocks-Growth Value, Income, International, Oil Gold & more!

Many of you enjoyed our 1 hour ONLINE 1 on 1 meetings where we SHARE our opinions on areas like option strategies for Income, Protection, and Spec Trading. We also SHARE our opinions on sectors we like and what to AVOID. Investors use OUR opinions to get ALTERNATIVE opinions on ideas they either paid for or have been encouraged by others to pursue. This has helped many AVOID costly ideas in 2022. We have OVER 35 years of Knowledge to share and manage our own portfolios with RISK MANAGEMENT.

Here’s the DEAL. You Get 3 PDF Reports on HEDGING Down & Up Risk, Our BEST Sector & Income Ideas The BIG VALUE; we believe is in the 1 hour ONLINE 1 on 1 meeting where we can help with specific needs. Whether you are a NEW or VETERAN Investor; we believe the odds that you will LEARN from us are good.

We DO NOT ask you sign up for EXPENSIVE annual of monthly services but for specific HOURLY meetings. HERE; YOU can control when you’d like UPDATES or ALTERNATIVE opinions on options & positioning ect.

C’mon…..we know what’s out there. Chat Rooms, the Hype Newsletters, the Courses that lead nowhere. It’s a NEW YEAR 2023; Lots to Cover. Stock Market, Review Your Ideas, Dividends, Oil/China-EM/Metals++

CONTACT US: Call 702-873-8038 or Email [email protected] Let’s Get Started!

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REMEMBER All investing involves a risk of losing money and it is not right for everyone CONSULT YOUR BROKERAGE FIRM to determine your own suitability and risk tolerance for any investing. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Information and opinions are provided for informational purposes only. It is NOT advice.

Jim Kenney

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