Option Professor- Markets on the Ledge Now! Which Way Will They Break? Here’s Our Take.

March 18 2023 Option Professor Opinions & Observations

This last week we got a lot of information to process. After 40 years of doing this; we have seen our fair share of shocks. From the banking system to inflation to the war to Dictator Governments aligning; OUCH

There are three areas that lack transparency and all 3 have the potential to get very ugly OR be contained. The first we know is Venture Capitalism. The second is general Private Equity. #3 is Commercial Real Estate

Our opinion is the shock of Silicon Valley bank ACTUALLY served many masters. First all those VC heavy hitters who made scores on Roku and all the rest have gotten whacked with the tanking in many of their deals. They want to get their money out but know SVB doesn’t have the LIQUIDITY. Who does? Well; if a “run on the bank” story gets out; the stock collapses and we get the NEWS stirring PANIC, The Fed & other banks will give us the LIQUIDITY to get our money back….sweet deal for them. The second on that potentially benefits is the Federal Reserve who DESPERATELY wants inflation to go & as well as DEMAND. The result last week was a MAD DASH to money market as historically HITS GDP ergo growth/earnings.

Odds for hard landing has increased for the next 6 months; maybe gets INFLATION down & LABOR down.

OUR VIEW that Growth over Value since December continues to be a brilliant call. Gold held $1810 & took out $1960. The 10 yr Treasury we said would decline to 3.4% area. S&P would stop at 4200 & 4080 Crude Oil FAILED to get above the 83 area and has tanked to 65 area which is a very key support zone

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Jim Kenney

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