Stock Market-Sometimes A Broken Record Is The Best Music You Should Be Listening To. Read This

October 15 2022 Option Professor Opinions and Observations

We have provided our reader a tremendous amount of valuable INSIGHTS & OPINIONS for FREE for a very long time. These insights have been regarding the STOCK MARKET. We have said for a very LONG time that a TOP was made at SPX 4800 and a REVERSION to the mean (our long term moving averages) was in the cards which is EXACTLY what happened. We cited FED tightening (started in Nov 2021) and VALUATION contraction as the main culprits. We said if you want SAFETY consider ROLLING a 0-24 month or 0-12 month TREASURY BILLS LADDER. This is EXACTLY what has occurred and a great place to hide. The GROWTH TO VALUE Ratio told us to favor VALUE Dec 2021-GROWTH May 2022 & VALUE August ’22

What INSIGHTS have you been getting and how’s that working out for ya????

We told readers that the BOND MARKET hit a probable generational PEAK (low yields) in March 2020 and the stupid era of NEGATIVE yielding bonds ($17 trillion globally at one point) was OVER and yields would be rising so a TREASURYLADDER mentioned above would best PRESRVE your principal and give INCOME.

What INSIGHTS have you been getting on your bond portfolio or your 60-40 and how’s that working out?

We told you the US DOLLAR was going to RISE due to our RATE ADVANTAGE and stronger ECONOMY. This has led to a collapse in the Yen Euro and British Pound and Emerging Market and other currencies. We said that we SUSPECT the COMMODITIES markets PEAKED this year in Gold- Oil- Grains-Crypto as the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index FAILED to take out the 2008 HIGHS after 2 attempts earlier this year. GLOBAL collapse of money supply creation and higher costs of money also has been a not so silent drag.

What INSIGHTS have you been getting on Oil-Gold-Fertilizers- Crypto & how’s that working out for you?

RIGHT NOW- We believe in OUR INSIGHTS on WHEN legitimate TURNS in many MARKETS may occur.

We have been ENCOURAGING YOU to get the PDF Reports on PROTECTING Portfolios Against Market DECLINES & UPSIDE surprises and OUR Technical Indicators WE use to Determine Market Directions. We also have ENCOURAGED you to REVIEW Your MARKETS & STRATEGIES using our INSIGHTS & Indicators

The Option Professor- Graduate Boston College- Trained at The Options Institute- 35-Yrs. of Knowledge

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Talk With You Soon,

The Option Professor

REMEMBER All investing involves risk of loss and it is not right for everyone. CONSULT YOUR BROKERAGE FIRM-Broker to determine your own risk tolerance and suitability. Past Performance is not indicative of future results. Information and opinions are provided for informational purposes only It is NOT advice.

Jim Kenney

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