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April 23 2022 Option Professor Opinions & Observations

We spoke of a BOND MARKET TOP in March 2020 and the market prices have gone DOWNHILL ever since. We spoke of a STOCK MARKET TOP in December 2021 and the market prices have gone DOWNHILL overall ever since. W have spoke about a COMMODITY MARKET TOP in 2022 and we monitor what we suspect is a TOP during this year.

Due to that FACT; our opinions have been to prepare for LOWER prices; the Urging to LEARN HEDGING of Downside RISK and Upside SURPRISES has been…to put it lightly….a good idea. On top of all that…we said FULL MOON Sat 4/16:):

Some people say that the Nasdaq drop like this historically has been followed by a rally in the subsequent months. maybe but what we know is the Fed is REMOVING LIQUIDITY in BOTH Treasuries & Mortgages which has been bring ASSET VALUES down (look at stocks and real estate sales). Why are companies that announce great earnings going down? In our view because something we told you about LAST YEAR is coming true….VALUATIONS are going LOWER and must if the Fed has a snow ball’s chance in hell of succeeding in the fight on INFLATION. We Said BASIC MATH SPX earns $2.30 this year X PE 20 =SPX 4600 or X 18 PE =SPX 4140 or X PE 16 = SPX 3680 or X 15 PE = SPX 3450!!! The FED’S biggest problem is they have been TOO SLOW…we said the 2yr Treasury is pushing 3%…what’s 1/4 point hike….some kind of a joke??….Where’s the INTRA MEETING HIKE…that we said was OBVIOUS?? NOW Tail Wags Dog!! Prices went up since 2008 as RATES were at ZERO & NO INFLATION….Stock DIVIDENDS were 4% ABOVE Treasuries BUT now they are EVEN so Bye Bye YIELD ADVANTAGE!! The IDEA is to DUMP Stocks and START LOOKING to lock in YIELDS if you believe we will see a SLOW DOWN minimum or a RECESSION Ultimately. We been doing this investment thing for Decades…It’s not our first rodeo:):). If you think the stuff that went on in 20202 and 2021…no earnings, high valuations, meme stocks, quit jobs/trade stocks ect is returning soon.. meet us Starbucks-we’ll get you a cup of coffee:)

When the market indicators are constantly being compared to 2000 as far as we haven’t seen VALUATIONS like this ever or since 2000 and that was a massive TOP. When they keep referring to INFLATION rates and Volker and the early 1980’s when rates went to 16%+….then maybe we shouldn’t be too shocked when STOCKS & BONDS come DOWN:):)

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